Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tonight was BLBS' performance at the Sauk Theatre. They did excellent!! The place was full! Even though the weather took a turn for the worse, lots of people came out to support our kids!
I thought spring was here but it's cold again. We had to turn the furnace back on. Yuck!! North Carolina just keeps sounding better and better. Pastor Rick told us about a church and a Christian school close to the area we are planning to move to. I was very excited about that as I've been searching the area for a good school for the boys. Thankfully, this one isn't as expensive as most of the ones I have previously found. Just a little more than we pay now. God is really working things out, it seems like. Now, if we can just sell our house. I'm really trying to leave it all in His hands. I'm having trouble, though. I'm up and down and back and forth so much I'm feeling like I'm going to crack. One minute I want to go and the next minute I'm not so sure. I do know that Ralph needs a job and things here in Michigan are not looking so hot with area factories and businesses closing up. Boy does America need help. Gas was 3.44 a gallon tonight in Hillsdale. I don't know how people can keep going.
I think Bobber and Frank will like the weather better, especially Frank. His bones won't hurt so much with the warmer weather. Oh, We weighed Bob the other night and he weighs 62.5 pounds. What a horse!!!
Okay, gotta go. More later.


Phil & Sue Arnold said...

I sure wish that I could've been there to watch the BLBS's "production" at the theater. But, of course, had to work. I was thinking about them though. I'm sure they did a great job. They always do (maybe it's because they're a bunch of hams?). I do hope and pray that things work out for you and your family. I think I'll rephrase that....I KNOW that everything WILL work out exactly as they should as long as "your will" is "God's will". It is apsolutely amazing the way that God supplies what we need at just the right time. As I have told (and continually tell) my children, "Don't go "pushing" any doors open, just make sure you walk through all the doors that HE opens for you. Then you will have no doubt that you are right where HE wants you to be. That is what brings peace and contentment." Ok, I'll try not to preach. I just want to encourage, and in doing so seem to sound a little "preachey" at times. Love you guys! And we'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

i hope it works