Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our fire!!!

We lost our garage (barn) and our barn last night to a fire. Darren posted the pictures last night and didn't write anything about it. We lost one of our dogs in the fire as well as our lawn mower and lots of other typical garage things. But we are all okay. Then this morning we woke suddenly to all of our house windows glowing orange and ran outside to find the barn across the rode completely engulfed in flames. The embers from our barn must have blown over and burned the neighbors barn to the ground within about 15 minutes. I'm so thankful it missed our house. Only by God's hand,are we all here today. It could have been so much worse. I feel the worst about the poor dog trapped inside. Darren's bedroom is upstairs and to the back of the house and the shade in his window is black and warped from the heat of our barn fires. When I opened our front door this morning I could feel the heat from the neighbors barn from my front porch. If the fire department would have gotten there just a few minutes later their house would have been engulfed and very likely gotten to our house. What a weekend. I've had enough stress for awhile.
On a lighter note, we've decided to stay here. Which is such a relief to me. I've been fighting and struggling with this decision for so long and on my way home from work last night after I'd gotten the news of the fire, It just hit me 'I don't want to go'. I just want to stay here. Thankfully, it seemed to occur to Ralph also. Nothing like God using a hammer over our heads to get us to look at things a different way. I feel pretty stupid letting everyone know this after all this time of thinking we were going to move. I have even given notice at work, so I'm not sure what will happen with that. But I need to get off my current shift anyways. So we will see.


urhis said...

Beth & Ralph, We are so thankful your family is safe. God has a plan for our lives that is for our good not our hurt. He is so faithful. Your lives are an inspiration to me and others. Hold On to His big hand. Love & Prayers, The Avery's

Jen said...

This is just so unreal! When Les called I couldn't believe what I was hearing as I'm telling Jess. I am so thankful that no one was hurt and your home was spared. I'll be careful the next time when I ask God to show me what I should do in a situation! YIKES!

Phil & Sue Arnold said...

Hey Guys! Keep you chins up, but most of all keep you eyes "up". You know,(I feel a "sermon" comming on)sometimes God just needs to get us in an attitude of surrender. We have to get to the place where we are WILLING to do ANYTHING (even move hundreds of miles away). That doesn't always mean that is what HE wants, HE just wants to know if we WOULD. And when both of you feel that definite without the other knowing, can there be doubt? Keep trusting and serving and He will never leave us confused. I am sooo glad that all of you are safe. Love you all!! Phil and Sue