Thursday, May 22, 2008

Awards Night!!

Tonight was the annual awards banquet for BLBS. Both of my boys received some trophies. Darren received-B honor roll and a scripture memory Trophy. Dane received-A honor roll, scripture memory, and highest overall GPA in Science for junior high.
I was very proud of both of them. We had a wonderful meal and enjoyed being in our own gymnasium for the banquet. It's so exciting!!
After the banquet, Darren headed off for international student convention in Warrensburg, Missiouri. He was very excited. I was kind of sad that I wasn't able to go with them. I'm sure Darren will have the time of his life. Jeremiah Hodshire even gave the entourage an official send off as he led the vehicles with his sheriff's car with the lights on. It was cool, I tried to catch it on camera but it didn't turn out.

It's kind of quiet already without Darren. I can't imagine life without him here. Just four years and he'll be heading off to college. I just can't believe it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Darren's Graduation!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008


I just love this picture of Bob and wanted to share it. Isn't he beautiful??

Mother's Day- May 11, 2008

The boys and I on Mother's day!!!!!

Barn cleanup!!

I don't think we have ever worked so hard for so long. Ralph and I are both so sore from pulling, tugging, climbing ladders etc. All day Saturday we worked on painting the house and cleaning up from our fires. Sorting metal from the debris etc. Merlin Masters brought in a backhoe and made things go so much easier. It's looking so much better. Hopefully, just one more good day of hard work and all remains of our barns will be gone.
Saturday was my birthday, sure wasn't the most wonderful way to spend it. Oh, well , birthdays aren't much fun anymore, anyways.

Regional Convention-May 2008

We are so proud of Darren!! He received 4 medals his first year in the regional convention
1- a 4th for radio presentation

2-a 4th for web site design
3-a 3rd for one act play
4-a 1st with his special effects picture

After the awards banquet next Thursday, the students leave for Missiouri. Darren is excited. All the areas they received first, second, or third places in will go with them to the international convention.
Total our school took 4 First Place awards!! Good job everybody!!!!
Darren has had alot on his plate lately. Saturday, the 17th is his 8th grade graduation. He's growing up so fast. I can't believe it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Well, it's been almost a week since our fires. Probably half of our lawn is dead and several plants and trees in our yard. None of this was visible the day after the fire. The fire marshal and insurance adjuster have been here. It's unlikely that we will ever know for sure what caused the fire, although the fire across the road I feel was due to negligence of our fire department. Ralph and I were out at our barns with the hose and buckets dousing spots of fire that were still burning on Sunday night. I'm just so thankful that we only lost a dog and some material things and not our lives. God truly protected our house and us. I can't thank Him enough for that.
I was able to revoke my resignation from work and everyone seemed happy that I was staying which made me feel good. I have made so many friends at my job. I really did dread having to leave them. My heart has been so much more at peace over the last few days even with everything that has happened. Thanks everybody for your prayers. Please continue to remember us as we start the clean-up and everything else that goes along with having a fire. UGH! Lots of messy work.
We've been trying to get Darren ready for regional convention next week. He has entered 11 or 12 categories. I've tried to prepare him for not placing in anything as he's competing with lots of older kids from all over. If he plans not to place, if he does place it will be extra special. Then he's off to Missouri for the international convention. Oh, yeah. We also have Darren's graduation from 8th grade on the 17th. Lots and lots of work to do. I'll be glad when school is out and things are less stressful (hopefully)
Ralph has a job possibility that he's going to check on tomorrow morning. Please pray about this with us. It sounds perfect. So we'll see.