Saturday, November 15, 2008

Junior Convention 2008

Dakota Mayle and Dane!!
Quiz Bowl Team getting their awards

Tannen Mayle-one tired baby!!
What an angel!!

Tyler, Justice, Chandler, Dakota, and Dane!

Dane's puppet team-getting ready to perform!

Our Pace Bowl Team-First Place Champs!

Corey Stewart, Abby Titus, Dakota Mayle, and Dane!

Third place! Tyler Mayle, Dakota Mayle, and Dane

Tyler Mayle, being silly!!!

Yesterday, was the 2008 Junior Convention in St. John's, Michigan. Dane took 2-Firsts one in wildlife photography, one in Pace Bowl, 1-second in special effects photography, 1-third place in basketball. We were all so proud of all of the students. We took alot of awards!!!!
It's a very tiring day, especially for the teachers and parents, but what an awesome feeling to see the students win medals for their hard work!! We ended our day at CiCi's pizza in Jackson, which seems to have become the tradition. I felt sorry for the employees when 30 plus people arrived all together at their restaurant.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

BLBS mock election!!!!

Darren's speech

Dane as a security guard

Arriving for the election

Here they come!

Part of the motorcade

Darren and Reagen


Darren's blooper!

My boys were privileged to be a part of the BLBS Mock Election of 2008. Darren was campaign manager for John McCain(Reagan Titus), and Dane was a security guard. They sure played it up big with a limo, police escort with sirens, the works. Everyone even got to vote. We had speeches from many important people including Stan Burchardt, Ken Kurtz, JJ Hodshire( campaign manager for Tim Walberg), Bruce Caswell and several others. Darren cracked everyone up with his intro of John McCain, check out the video clip, but I was very proud of him for being able to get up in front of all those people and give his speech. For more of the mock election, go to