Sunday, May 11, 2008

Regional Convention-May 2008

We are so proud of Darren!! He received 4 medals his first year in the regional convention
1- a 4th for radio presentation

2-a 4th for web site design
3-a 3rd for one act play
4-a 1st with his special effects picture

After the awards banquet next Thursday, the students leave for Missiouri. Darren is excited. All the areas they received first, second, or third places in will go with them to the international convention.
Total our school took 4 First Place awards!! Good job everybody!!!!
Darren has had alot on his plate lately. Saturday, the 17th is his 8th grade graduation. He's growing up so fast. I can't believe it.


Jen said...

That is SO cool!! It is amazing how fast the kids are all growing up! I look at my own kids and think, where did all those years go when they were little. Our boys are going to be FRESHMEN!! Congrats to Darren!!!!

Steve and Tanjala Mayle said...

I was so happy for all of the students!!! I know what you mean about preparing them to not win. I did the same thing with Justice. I prayed that God would let him place in at least one thing and it could even be 6th place, I didn't care. Being there first year at Regionals was kind of rough but they did well. Congratulations to Darrin!!!

Tim and Kristy Crowl said...

Congratulations on placing Darrin. We are very happy for you. Good luck at graduation on Sat.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Darren, I bet you are really proud of him, he did really well. It is hard to believe is going to be a high schooler next year.

Phil & Sue Arnold said...

Ummmm. Did he tell you about that one girl? Oops! Did I say that out loud? I was so glad that I could be there for a lot of it. I was, also, proud of the students from BLBS. Love, Sue