Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Sunday afternoon. What a beautiful day, it's around 60 or so today. Yay!! Finally, Spring has sprung. Darren's drama class is getting the opportunity to perform their drama at the Sauk Theatre in Jonesville. What a great opportunity to witness to people who may not ever set foot into a church. He's very excited. It also made front page news in Hillsdale county yesterday. Ralph and the boys came back from North Carolina on Friday. He had a very positive time there and had several job offers. He may be starting a new job the beginning of May. He had one place that wanted him to start tomorrow. Yikes, that's moving a little too fast. The realtor called and has decided to list our house. On Tuesday night I had a good prayer time with the Lord and felt like everything was going to work out. Then on Wednesday, we had the call from the realtor and Ralph had 2 job offers.. Wow!! I feel peaceful about it now, just excited. It's interesting how when we take our hands off and turn everything over to Him, that seems to be when He starts to move. There is still lots of details and things to take care of, so please continue to remember us in prayer.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with selling your house. It will all work out the way God wants it to and in the right time. So how much closer will you be to us? Chris

Jen said...

It is amazing how God does work! Sometimes our human nature just wants to take over and not let go. How hard it is to "wait upon the Lord." Is 40:31 That is one of my favorite verses, I guess because I forget to wait so many times. Everything will work however and whenever. I will be praying.

Tim and Kristy Crowl said...

I hope everything works out for you but we will sure miss you if you do move. Kristy