Friday, April 18, 2008

Haven't wrote for a few days. We had an extremely busy last few nights in our er. I am soooo tired. Around five this morning we flew out an 18mo old little boy to a children's hospital in Toledo where he could get intensive care that our small hospital is not equipped for. It was scary. I don't think I'll ever get used to the little ones coming in so critical.
Ralph was offered the position that he really wanted in North Carolina. He's excited. I'm really nervous about it. Ralph won't have to leave until closer to the end of May now which means I won't have to stay home for a month without him, which made me feel a little better. I also have an interview with Forsyth County health department in a few weeks. I really would like to be on a more normal schedule and be able to have a life again. Darren is starting to back track and doesn't think he wants to move now. He was the one who was so excited in the beginning. With Ralph, it's all black and white. He needs a job and he's been offered THREE down there. He doesn't see any reason to stay here. I tend to resist change and things aren't so easy for me. I hate starting new jobs.
Did anyone feel the earthquake this morning? I didn't, but I was rather busy at that time. Lots of people I work with felt it. Kind of scary.
Wasn't today a beautiful day? I think it must have hit 80 degrees. I'm not sure. It is so nice to finally see green grass and flowers blooming. I'm not sure Ralph is real thrilled about it, he keeps stuffing up and feeling horrible. I'm sure it's allergies.


Tim and Kristy Crowl said...

i hope all goes well as you know i dont like to see little ones bad off either i don't know how you do your job some days. we will miss you all if you move. C-ya soon

Jen said...

Beth I can not imagine the feelings you are having about moving. It would be SO scarey! Stan may be getting a job in Delta and made the remark about moving there and Tyler freaked out! I really don't ever see us moving, but it could happen. I'm to comfortable here. Things will work out for you I am sure. Keep looking to God for direction, it will work. Probably not in your time, but in His time that is the hard part!

Phil & Sue Arnold said...

I know that everything will go just fine. God does not supply our needs without supplying the strength to eccept. Look at it as an adventure. This could be a lot of fun! Love ya! Sue