Friday, December 5, 2008

A Very Naughty Dog!!!

The naughty pooch!!! Does he look sorry??
My shoe and tree skirt!!

I only wore these once!!!

I just bought this tree skirt!!!!

He's gettin' nuttin' for Christmas, cuz he ain't been nuttin' but bad!!!!!! We went shopping tonight and came home to this. He chewed up my new shoes and my new Christmas tree skirt!!! Ugh!! What an ornery dog!!! And to think, I almost bought him a present while I was out!!!


Life with the Crowls said...

Brandon says Bob still needs a christmas presant a chew toy so he wont chew up other stuff. He still looks cute and not sorry at all.

Judy said...

You better be good to the little boy or he will turn on all your sinks and send over the cat with rabies to bite you. MOM

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look a bit sorry, about like my Buster who is eating phone books chewing pillows and I came home from school and he is eating the corner of my counter. What is up with these puppies? Bad, Bad puppies.

Jess & Melanie Heer said...

That is SO FUNNY!!!! I can't believe he did that!!!

Sharalyn said...

And we also have a bad puppy story.. James' boxer, Sasha, decided she would attack one of my snowmen under the tree. She first chewed off a small pinecone from it's hat. I scolded her, but put it back under the tree. Well... what was I thinking?? The next day, she ripped off all of the buttons down the front of the snowman... but I think I can repair it.. at least I'm going to try, as the snowman was a gift from Joylene.