Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just thought I would ramble on for a little while. As most of you know, my husband has been without a job for over a year now. This has been a HUGE stressor in our lives, obviously, not only financially but emotionally as well. He has applied for a ton of jobs, went to truck driving school and still nothing has materialized. I just wanted to ask everyone who reads this, to please pray for us, that something might happen soon. I know my husband needs to have a job so he can feel better about himself. I think he is very tired of feeling like "Mr. Mom". Not only that, I would really like to be able to be more of a mom to my kids. With the shift I work, I am constantly tired or in bed. I work 12 hour shifts and have a 45 minute drive each way to work, so that does not leave much time for anything but sleep. Also, my schedule is so irregular, for six weeks I don't work the same days of the week. This makes it almost impossible for me to adjust back and forth on my days off. I just would like to maybe work part-time during the time my boys are at school and I can't do that until my husband has a job. Please, would you pray about this with me, my faith is not very strong, right now. Not only that, I have been having some issues with my heart and have to have some tests done next week. I am scared. Also, this adds to my stress as I need my job with health insurance to pay for these tests. I strongly feel, I need to be home (and when I am home, more awake) for my boys.
I'm sorry for the sob story, my husband probably won't be happy I have shared some of our problems on here, but I wanted to ask for your help in praying. Sometimes I think I can't take much more, but I know it could be a whole lot worse than this. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful that at least I do have a job and we do have some money coming in and I'm thankful for a healthy family, food to eat, a roof over my head and I could go on and on. I'm just so discouraged, so please remember us in your prayers. I want God's will in our lives. I just have a problem with trying to fix things myself and then worrying when I can't fix them.


Jess & Melanie Heer said...

I definetly know how you feel! We have never struggled before this so it's all new to me, but I HAVE to be thankful for all the things we DO have! I can't imagine everything you're going through, but I do know that God will take care of you! I know it's hard to trust when things are falling apart around you but just keep the faith and know that we are all praying for you guys!
I love you!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know, I am praying for you. I know what you guys are going through with the job situation. God will give Ralph a job in His time, it is just hard to trust and wait. I can't believe how much our lives have changed since 2004 that was such an awful year for us, but "finally" God brought us out of the valley. Love you guys. Chris