Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas at Home!!!

Darren's "perfect" shirt.
Bob with his toy hotdog.

Dane's new leather jacket and ipod touch!!

Darren with some of his goodies!

I really feel like Christmas wasn't so great this year, I guess, just because I have so many worries right now. It was nice having Mom and Dad here, although I wish Chris, Ron and Cass could of been here too. We also had a nice visit with Les, Marsha, Michael and Ruthann. It was great remembering old times and laughing together. I'm not sure why some of us don't get together more often. I think we get too busy with working etc and forget what is really important in life.


t_verdier said...

I can't believe your boys have grown up! I haven't seen them in like 10 years! I still remember you and Sabine excluding me and "Missy", now "Melanie", from all your fun. But... I guess I can forgive and forget :) I do remember me and Melanie bugging you and Ralph when you would be trying to get some alone time on the doorstep. Sorry :)

Well... email me sometime and we can catch up! Oh, too bad about the kennel; our emergency radio started going off LOUDLY in the middle of the night when we were under the high wind warning. Luckily we had nothing messed up.

Stay safe,
Tabitha Verdier (Saltsgiver)