Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here it is, 4am again and I'm sitting at the computer. Unbelievably, we got a ton of snow. ( I'm so tired of winter. Is spring ever going to get here?) I'm not sure how much, but I would say at least 7 inches. I'll take pictures when it's daylight. We worked really hard yesterday, cleaning closets, drawers etc to get our house in tip-top shape. The realtor re-scheduled for Monday now so that gave us more time to get ready. With the winter we've had this year, North Carolina is sounding better and better.
Bob loves the snow. He doesn't seem to understand that it makes you cold. He goes barreling through it like a bull-dozer. Then there's Frank. He hates it. I can't say as I blame him since he's so little. The snow is deeper than he is tall.
Ralph has a very good possibility of a job in NC. It's in the maintenance department of a huge hospital in Winston-Salem. At least hospital jobs won't be laying off. There's always going to be sick people. We leave next Friday for NC so hopefully, we'll know more when we get back.
Bye, I'll try to write more later.


Sarah said...

NORTH CAROLINA!?!?! THAT'S TOO FAR AWAY FROM US...definitely understand the work situation though. We'll be prayin for ya all. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...