Thursday, March 13, 2008

BLBS Spring Drama-3/13/08

Tonight was the Bird Lake Bible School spring drama opening night!! Darren has one of the lead parts. He did really well, we are so proud of him. Dane was part of the stage crew. I think he is okay with letting big brother be in the lime light for awhile. Now, Dane tends to shine more in the sports department, however. He made the front page of the Hillsdale Daily News last week playing basketball in the schools new gym. I'll post pictures as soon as I can of the drama.
Ralph continues to be laid off from his job (5 months) at Merillat in Adrian. We are considering strongly moving south, closer to his dad and also a little closer to my parents. Ralph is hoping to be accepted into an electrical apprenticeship down there. He has wanted to become a licensed electrician for a long time. I really want the Lord's will regarding this. Please remember us in your prayers if we happen to cross your mind. My biggest regret would be the boys having to leave the school.
Well enough for right now. I'll try to keep this updated.


Melanie and Jess Heer said...

Now i'm the only one that doesn't have a blog! I do have a myspace page, but it's hard to keep it up and interesting enough that people will want to keep checking back!

Your little sister,

MOM said...

Beth, tried to call you tonight, you were in bed. Call me. MOM